The Residents Council (RC) is a body of elected I-House resident members that advises the President of International House about resident views and concerns, and in turn, is responsible for keeping resident members informed of its activities. The Council, elected each fall, is comprised of seven Members-at-Large and eight Regional Representatives. Two members are selected to serve as Resident Trustees on the Board of Trustees. They serve through the academic year and participate in all full Board meetings. Email them at:

Three residents serve on each of the Programs and House Committees of the Board to ensure resident input on programs, resident services and physical plant matters. Two members are selected by the Council to serve with three staff members on the House's Admissions Committee. Council members also serve on the Council's Alumni, Business/House, Admissions and Programs & Resident Life Committees, and they interact with the respective staff members in these areas.

Members of the Residents’ Council are eligible to participate in the International Leaders Program (ILP). For more information, contact the Programs Office.

The Residents' Council elections take place each September and all resident in good standing may run for Residents' Council positions.

Important information about the Residents' Council elections is available below.

Updated 8/30/2016