*Download the 2017-2018 WIL Application Instructions here*: 2017-2018 WIL Application Instructions

The Women’s International Leadership (WIL) Program is an intensive, nine-month fellowship program designed to help each Fellow gain a clearer vision of her own abilities, enhance her leadership skills, and learn how to effectively lead others, particularly in cross-cultural environments. Our unique program focuses on growth in the following five key areas: 

1. Personal leadership and agency
2. Cross cultural EQ
3. Professional skill development
4. Digital identity and brand management
5. Social responsibility 
6. Cross-disciplinary teaming and collaboration

To be considered for this unique I-House fellowship opportunity, please email a completed application packet to WIL Program Director, Carla Fernández-Soto,, by Friday, April 14, 2017.  

Complete applications will include all of the following documents:

 Application form (included in this application packet)
 Introductory video (link)
 Personal Statement
 LinkedIn profile (link) or résumé. 

About WIL

The WIL Program helps each grantee learn how to effectively lead, through individual and team leadership development particularly in cross-cultural environments and the application of practical skills such as public speaking, conflict management, group influence and cross-cultural communication.

Learn more about WIL

Meet the 2015-2016 WIL grantees.

• $2000 scholarship towards I-House room fees.
• Three WIL Weekend seminars (dates subject to change)

  1. Saturday, October 8-9, 2016
  2. Saturday, November 12-13, 2016
  3. Saturday, February 4-5, 2017

Mentoring component for one-on-one guidance to complement the workshops. 
• Team Project: Planning Women's International Leadership Week (Feb 29 - Mar 4, 2016).
• Networking Opportunities: Alumnae events and professional development opportunities.

To date, over three hundred-fifty women have participated in the program. 

The program is guided by an Advisory Council of distinguished professionals.  


Bayer AG has sponsored the Women's International Leadership Program (WIL) for five years. It is among the world's foremost innovators in healthcare and medical products, and combines the global activities of the Animal Health, Consumer Care, Medical Care and Pharmaceuticals divisions.

The goals of the WIL Program, with its focus on skills-based leadership training for a culturally diverse group of women, are consistent with Bayer's goals of increasing diversity and creating an environment that fosters more women leaders. With over 50,000 employees in approximately 150 countries, Bayer AG embraces diversity through its global workforce.

Through its partnership with the WIL Program, Bayer AG hopes to build relationships with women leaders who will have an impact on their respective communities and professions, while also enriching its employees' development through volunteer and mentoring opportunities. The partnership creates value through innovation and growth -- an act firmly aligned with the company's mission statement "Bayer: Science for a Better Life."

WIL Grantees 2015-2016: Access the WIL Grantees Home Page.

WIL Women Past and Present Reconnect at I-House 2014