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Portraits in Residence

In this feature, we look into the heart of the I-House community: its resident members. They come from near and far, study the law, music, business, education and much more and each have a unique I-House experience. We've added a new class of residents and updated some of our previous portraits. These are some of their stories.

Meet Emily
  Meet Lunga


Meet Joyce

  Meet Yumiko

  Meet Kate

    Meet Jerrod

  Meet Laura

    Meet Mel

  Meet Itir

  Meet Kofi

Meet Shannon

  Meet Camilla

  Meet Tara

  Meet Dan

Meet Harriet 

Meet Anisha 


Meet Shawna-Kaye

     Meet Jenny

Epilogue Added!

Meet Tekau

Epilogue Added! 

Meet Salim

Epilogue Added!


 Meet Antonina 
Epilogue Added!
Meet Nikhit

 Meet Shravya

Epilogue Added!
    Meet Najwan