Calvin Sims

In my role as President and CEO of International House, I am honored to be a part of a unique residential and programmatic community that has successfully promoted cultural exchange for over 90 years.

Our website is an extension of our mission to enable our members to interact with one another in a supportive environment that builds qualities of leadership, mutual respect, and friendship among individuals from all nations and backgrounds. It is a place where potential applicants can learn more about the House, where current residents can communicate with one another and the staff, and where alumni can return to catch up on current activities or with old friends.

For over nine decades International House has stood as a beacon of international harmony and understanding, proving that humanity can surpass the barriers of race, nationality, color, culture, and traditions that have so long divided the world.

The International House experience is as vital and transformative today as it was the day our doors at 500 Riverside Drive first opened. Since then, this community has informed and inspired tens of thousands of individuals from countries across six continents.

Everything we do here today is in support of our mission and the tradition of brotherhood upon which the House was founded. It is no small task, but the core tenets of the I-House experience—diversity, leadership, empathy, respect, and moral courage—can change the world.

Calvin Sims