The President's Office is responsible to the Board of Trustees for the overall administration of International House, and coordinates the work of the Board and its committees. The Director of Organizational Development & Human Resources oversees the administration of personnel-related policies and procedures.

Location: I-House South, First Floor
Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm

Calvin Sims
President & CEO
(212) 316-8478
Nanette Francia Cotter
Director of Organizational Development & Human Resources
(212) 316-8494
Michael Walter
Special Assistant to the President
(212) 316-8478
Mary Trifault
Administrative Coordinator
(212) 316-8477

Admissions & Financial Aid Office corresponds with applicants for resident membership, reviews applications for admission, makes room assignments and maintains resident records. The Admissions Office also administers the scholarship programs, verifies eligibility of every resident member each semester at registration.
Location: I-House South, First Floor
Office Hours Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Megan Amouzou
(212) 316-8436


Khaire Vaughan
Administrative Assistant
(212) 316-7666

Development, Alumni Relations & Communications Office maintains communication with alumni, coordinates special events, and secures private gifts and grants to support programs, scholarships, major improvements and special projects.

Location: I-House South, Mezzanine level
Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am -5pm

Enrique Ball
Development Consultant
(212) 316-8424

Julie Pape
Alumni Relations Officer
(212) 316-8425



Heather Mangrum
Director of Communications
(212) 316-8423

John Spain
Development Operations
(212) 316-8493

Katherine Miller
Development Associate
(212) 316-8495


Office of Facilities Management & Site Operations
is responsible for maintaining all physical aspects of the buildings, including repairs and maintenance, engineering, construction and housekeeping.

Location: I-House South, A-Floor
Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm 

Larry Palfini

VP of Facilities Management & Site Operations

(212) 316-8483


Steven Colabella
Senior Project Manager
(212) 316-8497


David Tofani

Resident Building Superintendent

(212) 316-8409 

Maxine Wright
Facilities Executive Assistant
(212 316-8452

Vincent Melito
Director, Facilities & Site Operations
(212) 316-8485

Edwin Nieves

Assistant Director of Facilities Management

(212) 316-8498

Claribel Pavlik

Assistant Director of Resident & Guest Services

(212) 316-8453

Eric Cella
Master Carpenter and Mechanic
(212) 316-8458

Heriberto Altieri

Director, Information Technology Services

(212) 316-8469


Anita Pai

Manager, Bursar's Office & Mail Room Services

(212) 316-8441


Jason Bello

Bursar Associate

(212) 316-7663

Brian Hermosura

Manager, Technology Services
 (212) 316-8488

Fox Schwach

Information Technology Services Specialist

(212) 316-7186

The Finance Office
manages all accounting and finance matters, produces financial statements, works with our auditors and insures the timely fulfillment of all payments and receivables.

Location: I-House-South, C-Floor
Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am- 5pm

Deepak Butani
VP of Finance
(212) 316-8444
Jaya Thumma
(212) 316-8445

Noemi Isabel
Assistant Accountant
(212) 316-8491
Rose Nanavati
Assistant Accountant
(212) 316-8481

Admissions, Programs & Resident Life Office
develops and administers a wide range of educational, cultural and recreational programs, including visits by guest speakers, performances, social activities and trips. The office also oversees Program Fellows and Resident Support Services.

Location: I-House South, First Floor
Office Hours
(Academic Year): Monday - Friday:  9am to 5pm

Sharon La Cruise
VP of Admissions, Programs & Resident Life

Lorraine Pirro
Resident Social Worker
(212) 316-7184

Adina Hollands Williams
Assistant Director of Programs

Ciasia Brown
Coordinator of Programs & Resident Life
(212) 316-8438



Public Safety & Reception Services oversees all aspects of security, safety, risk management and the administration of the Claremont and I-House North reception desks.

Location: House Manager's Office is in I-House South, A Floor
Hours: A House Manager can be contacted 24 hours a day. 
  • From any in-House phone x5555
  • Claremont Reception Desk x8448 
  • House Manager’s Office x8487 
  • New York City Police Department 911

Alfred McBride

Desk Services Manager

(212) 280-7699

Anthony Gordon

Assistant Director

(212) 280-7673

Braulio Calderon

Supervising House Manager

(212) 316-8487

Seydou Fall

Supervising House Manager

(212) 316-8487

Gabe Elie-Pierre

Lead Supervising House Manager

(212) 316-8487

Updated 7/24/17