Established in 1966 (in part by I-House alumnus L.W. "Bill" Frohlich ’37), the World Council of Alumni engages in recruitment, networking and fundraising activities to promote the House's mission and advises the President on issues relating to the alumni program. Made up of 100 voting members as well as honorary and life members, the Council hosts an open meeting every two years alternating between New York City and an international location to set goals and evaluate alumni activities.

Council members are elected to three year terms after being nominated by a fellow member or the I-House staff. Council members are nominated based on their commitment to the I-House mission as demonstrated through recruitment, networking and fundraising activities.

In addition to their advisory role, Council members also refer prospective residents, give information sessions about the House at overseas advising centers and educational institutions, host and organize alumni events, update contact information of local alumni to ensure that I-House records remain up to date, and engage in fundraising activities on behalf of the House. Council members serve as points of contact for other alumni in their respective countries. Current Council members are:

Calvin Sims

Patricia Hamzahee ’83
Klaus P. Moessle ’85, International Trustee
Ross C. Youngman ’91, Trustee

Chair Emerita
Daisy M. Soros ’51, Honorary Trustee

Members by Country of Residence:

Sam Armstrong ’90
Haroon Hassan ’03

Walter R. Springer ’69

Hasna J. Moudud ’71

Servane Bonnet ’88

Carlos De Mathias Martins, Jr. ’93

Dany A. Comeau ’82
Susan McLaine ’56


Wellington P. Chu ’88, California
Yi (Eileen) Fang ’99


Mario Astorga de Valenzuela ’80

Dan V. Besjakov ’89
Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard ’94

Aly Ahmed Raafat ’56 
Anna-Maija S. Lindholm ’86 

Blaise Halluitte ’70, International Trustee


Astrid Nierhoff-Fassbender ’05
Kristina Herzog ’94
Götz Mäuser ’91
Pooja Merchant, ’10
Gloria Pfaue ’99
Frauke Thielecke ’03
Karin E. Zinkann ’57, International Trustee

David A. Asante ’72
Vincent Azumah ’00 

Hong Kong
Siu Fun Pun Choy ’57

Alex Loke '93 04
Frank C. Wong ’81 (At Large)

Pal Peter Toth ’87

Svava Bernhardsdottir ’86

Milind S. Gadkary ’62
Anil D. Gandhi ’56
Nand Khemka ’56, International Trustee
Mark Trayling ’09

Subur L. Wardoyo ’99
Suzan Wardoyo ’99

Stefano Bini ’06

Yuzaburo Mogi ’60,
International Trustee
Yasuyuki Ohara ’70
Tatsuro Toyoda ’58,
International Trustee 

Richard M. Kariuki ’87

Willibrord F.M. van Nierop ’84 

Austin C. Amalu ’81 (At Large) 

Andrzej Swiatkowski 73

Sinisa N. Ruzicic 74


Alex H. Pang 06

Bien Kiat Tan ’81, International Trustee


Markus Hugelshofer ’87 (At Large)
Karl-Detlef Safft ’88 (At Large)
Martina Schmitz ’86 (At Large)

Pinar Ozbek ’10

United Kingdom
Maurits Dolmans ’86 (At Large)
Patricia Hamzahee ’83
Erika Howard ’86 (At Large)
Ayman Jarjour ’00
Alyson R. King ’00
Nicolas Kahale ’81
Mami Urano ’87

United States
Arlene Barilec ’84, District of Columbia
Luis Sousa Campos ’03, New York (At Large)
Leah Rush Cann ’88, Rhode Island, Trustee
Ross S. Cann ’89, Rhode Island
Robert M. Chadwick ’83, District of Columbia
Karl J. Connor ’95, Louisiana
Donald L. Cuneo ’69, Trustee
Alexander M. Dake ’86, New York (At Large)
Harald Friedl ’03, New York (At Large)
Ibrahim A. Gambari ’71, New York (At Large)
Joan R. Gregory ’87, New York, Trustee
Zeina Hakim ’04, Massachusetts (At Large)
Wolfgang Karl Heim ’85, California (At Large)
Vreni A. Hommes ’87, New York
Elizabeth L. Katkin ’91 (At Large)
John Kooyman ’87, New York (At Large)
Joanna Ching-Yun Lee ’88, New York
Cornelis A. Los ’79, California (At Large)
Peter Maramaldi ’00, Massachusetts
Daphne Maramaldi ’00, Massachusetts
George Mathew ’04, New York
Sergei S. Mikhelson ’00, New York (At Large)
Peter M. O'Neill ’92, New York, Trustee
Peter Paone ’96, New York
John B. Pek ’68, California, International Trustee (At Large)
Sarah Perry ’96, New York
Marianne Sciolino ’88, New York
Harjiv Singh ’02, New York (At Large)
Maya Speelmans ’92, New Jersey
Ellie Spiegel, New Jersey
Sally J. Staley ’80, Ohio
Jeyabalan Subbiah ’83, North Carolina (At Large)
Dirk Vandewalle ’82, New Hampshire (At Large)
Robert van Zwieten ’88, Washington, DC, Trustee
Laura E. Watts-Patrick ’93, Colorado
Marek Wolek ’03, Washington, DC (At Large)


Honorary Members
Denise T. Barton ’56, United States
Diane Cook, United States

Life Members

Sjamsiah Achmad ’62, Indonesia
Patricia M. Cloherty ’67, United States, Life Trustee
Mark Eyskens ’57, Belgium, International Trustee
Ian H. Fraser ’91
Isabel Engel Horulu ’56, Turkey
Mohammed Kia ’46, United Kingdom
Clemens Kuechler ’87, Germany
Filip Moerman ’87, United States
Lucia K. Whitmarsh ’40, United States