Kathie and I met at I-House in the fall of 1965, as I recall we carved a pumpkin together for Halloween. I was working as a morning cashier and quickly knew her room number, 565, of course. We spent a lot of time together and I was fascinated by her and other residents' stories of their time in the Peace Corps.  The combination of her experiences and the tales from other RPCV's was very powerful and by the end of the school year, Kath and I decided to get married and join the Peace Corps together. We married on June 12, 1966 and were assigned to Afghanistan.  We have since lived in Russia, Liberia, and the USA.  We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year with our son and daughter (she also lived at I-House), and 3 grandchildren. It's been an adventuresome life, all thanks to meeting a variety of fascinating people and a wonderful life long companion at International House.