"I am so deeply grateful for the friendships I made here, that persisted even after I left.- Dr. Walter Munk '37


Watch Dr.Munk share precious memories from I-House at the video below!

A few weeks ago, a smartly dressed man made his way, slowly and steadily, up the stairs to enter 500 Riverside Drive.

It had been nearly 80 years since he last set foot in International House. He was eager to revisit the place he once called home.

Dr. Walter Munk is professor of geophysics emeritus and Secretary of the Navy/Chief of Naval Operations Oceanography Chair at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California, lived at I-House between 1935 and 1937.

Back then, the young man from Vienna was working in his family’s banking business in New York and “hating every minute of it.” Living at I-House allowed him to escape that world, find encouragement, and “keep the intellect going.”

In returning to the House after so many years, Dr. Munk, who will celebrate his 100th birthday this fall, met with current Residents over breakfast.

He fondly recalled his life at I-House, organizing ski trips, conversations over dinners, even old girlfriends. He also spoke of the kindness of John Mott, Director of International House form 1935-55, and his wife Celestine, both of whom helped guide him as he discovered his path early in his academic and professional career. 

Looking through I-House yearbooks from the time he was here, he was quick to point out many familiar faces. “Meeting people from all over the world is a unique possibility here,” he said. “There is something about that experience that makes friendships last.”

No doubt you have similarly fond memories of your days at I-House - unexpected connections made, new experiences you were introduced to - all thanks to being part of this very special community.

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