Alumni Membership

International House is more than just a place to live
- It's a lifelong experience!

Alumni Membership offers wonderful opportunities to stay connected and continue benefiting from and contributing to our exciting and growing community. 

Alumni Membership Benefits

Access: Alumni Members may access the House anytime between 8:00 am and 4:00 am the following day. Any member staying past 4:00 am must be signed in as an overnight guest by a resident member according to the rules contained in the International House Community Guide.

Events: Alumni Members are welcome to attend select events and programs including film screenings and speakers, as well as Sunday Suppers, tickets for which are available for a fee. Call the Alumni Office at (212) 316-8425 to confirm availability and purchase tickets. 

Frohlich Gymnasium: Alumni Members are welcome to participate in scheduled activities, as listed by the Programs Office.

Alumni Membership Policies and Restrictions

Please be aware that Alumni Memberships are not refundable. 

Conduct: As with any member of our community, Alumni Members are asked to abide by all applicable policies and procedures regarding conduct that are stated in the International House Community Guide. Any infringements to these rules may result in revocation of membership. 

Public Areas: Alumni Membership does not include access to the resident floors (unless signed in and accompanied by a current resident member), Computer Lab, Frohlich Fitness Center, Bike Room, Music Practice Rooms or the Community Kitchen.

Programs: Alumni Membership does not include participation in programs and events exclusive to residents. These include community weekends, orientation events, the New York City Performances Program, and resident floor events and parties. 

Access: Alumni Members should check in at the reception areas upon entry. IDs will be retained during your stay and returned upon your departure from the building. Alumni Membership does not include access to the resident online community.

Guests: Alumni Members may sign in one guest per visit. Guests are required to leave a photo ID at the front desk which will be retained upon entry and returned upon departure. We request that alumni members accompany their guests at all times and inform them of the rules and regulations of I-House. All guests must depart before or when their hosts leave the premises.


Membership Levels

$75 for the first year immediately following I-House departure

$150 for the 2nd year and thereafter

$20 to replace a lost/stolen card

​Please note that Alumni Memberships are not refundable. 

Who is Eligible

All former residents of International House New York who stayed for at least 30 consecutive days and are in good standing with the House are eligible for I-House Alumni Membership. Alumni Membership applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee for approval. Please allow one week for processing. Alumni Memberships are not refundable. 

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