There are eight air-conditioned practice rooms which are open from 8 a.m. to 7 a.m. Four practice rooms are located on the C-Floor and four are located on the B-Floor between the Laundry and Bicycle Room. The Music Practice Rooms, as well as several of the public rooms, have been furnished with new Yamaha pianos through an agreement with Frank & Camille’s Keyboard Centers.

As part of this agreement, International House is responsible for the care and maintenance of these fine instruments and your cooperation in adhering to the following guidelines for practice room use is essential to our ability to fulfill this responsibility and offer these pianos for resident use.

Guidelines for the use of Music Practice Rooms:
  • To register to use the practice rooms, resident members must pay a fee per semester at the Riverside Reception Desk, and sign a list of guidelines for use of the practice rooms. Due to high demand, the music practice rooms are only open to resident and staff mem­bers. The fees for usage of these rooms help cover the costs of the Music Practice Rooms but do not cover all the costs necessary to maintain the pianos at I. House.
  • Upon presentation of an International House membership card, residents may sign up to use the practice rooms at the Claremont Reception Desk. Reservations may be made after 8:00 a.m. each day for a maximum of three hours per day and reservations may be made for both the current day and the next day.
  • Residents may reserve a practice room for themselves only, using their full name (no nicknames or abbreviations, please), written legibly.
  • If a resident fails to claim his/her reserved room within the first 15 minutes of the hour the room will be forfeited. The practice room can then be claimed and used by another authorized user for the balance of that hour. If a resi­dent has signed out the room for a block of time and is late for the 1st hour signed out, that resident may reclaim the room at the next hour for which the room was originally reserved.
  • If there is a technical or maintenance problem with a piano or one of the practice rooms, please report it immedi­ately to the Programs Office so that the problem can be addressed.
  • Public Safety staff routinely check the identification of persons in the music practice rooms, to be sure that they are authorized to use the facilities. Please be prepared to produce your I. House membership card when requested to do so by Public Safety staff. 
  • Moving the pianos, eating, drinking or smoking in the rooms is strictly prohibited. Please do not place food or drink containers -- mugs, cups, glasses, bottles -- on the instruments even if they are empty. Please be careful with metal objects like keys, metronomes, pens etc on the instruments because they can scratch the lacquer.

If you have questions regarding the Music Practice Rooms, please contact the Programs Office or the Riverside Front Desk.