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Since 1924, I-House has welcomed bright young people from all over the world to live, learn and grow together through a transformative experience that prepares them to join and lead the conversations that will change the world.

In addition to safe and comfortable housing within a New York City historic landmark, the I-House Experience offers a unique array of programming and opportunities that foster cross-cultural connection and lifelong friendships.

Through this simple but radical idea, we have built a network of globally-minded leaders who go on to live lives guided by the values of Respect for differences, Empathy for others, and the Moral Courage to act for what is right.

I-House Is…

  • Home to a vibrant community of competitively selected scholars and young professionals from around the world who are challenged to become globally-minded leaders in business, the arts, politics and more.

  • A living example of how people can live, learn, and connect with each other regardless of politics, media spin, and other learned ideologies.

  • A values-based culture built on the core values of respect, empathy, and moral courage.
  • A welcoming environment where diversity is celebrated and that aims to positively advance understanding among different cultures and points of view.
  • An active global network of incredibly accomplished colleagues and friends that includes Nobel Prize winners, heads of state, CEOs, and award-winning authors, actors, and musicians.

I-House at a Glance

  • Opened in September 1924, predating the United Nations by 21 years.

  • Home to approximately 700 Resident members from more than 100 countries.
  • Grants more than $1,000,000 annually in need-based financial aid and merit-based fellowships.
  • Offers several prestigious fellowships and leadership training opportunities for selected Residents.
  • Programming includes an international documentary film screening series, guest lectures, workshops and seminars. Residents are given opportunities to initiate and participate in musical and dance performances, cultural celebrations, language exchange classes, and trips to historic destinations (day and overnight trips).
  • Competitive admissions application process to select the most promising future leaders from across the USA and the world.