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  • Alumni

    More than 65,000 individuals have made International House NY their home while training in their respective professions.

Strong Alumni Network

I-House Alumni are global ambassadors of our mission, returning to the world with greater cross-cultural understanding inspired by our core values of Respect, Empathy, and Moral Courage. Alumni around the world have many opportunities to stay connected, from hosting events for fellow Alumni to sharing their experience and resources with current Residents.


International House is a lifelong community of friends and family. Alumni are key to our success in maintaining the I-House experience, through financial giving and sustaining the community for the future. Our Alumni community is prestigious, with Alumni actively engaging with other Alumni many years after their time at International House. Below are a variety of ways to stay active within the community.

Alumni Spotlight

Sidney Nakahodo ’05 is an alumnus of International House, born and raised in Brazil, and co-founder and CEO of the New York Space Alliance, a platform that empowers space entrepreneurs through mentorship, advising, investment, and community support. He also spends a lot of his time working with tech start-ups, playing a role as founder and adviser.