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Building Future Leaders

For more than 97 years, International House has transformed the lives of more than 65,000 young professionals in every region and discipline. Some Alumni have gone on to become Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, heads of state, trailblazing innovators, celebrated authors and artists, and CEOs of global corporations. Others lead as teachers, small business owners, community leaders and volunteers throughout the world.

All these globally minded leaders are part of a lifelong community brought together by the experience of living in an environment that exemplifies respect for other cultures and an understanding of different perspectives.

In a recent survey of Alumni:

  • 83% agreed that International House challenges Residents to become leaders in their chosen field of study, as members of a diverse and inclusive lifelong community.

  • 83% agreed International House fosters international understanding by empowering the next generation of globally-minded leaders.

  • 87% thought their I-House Experience contributed to their success in their chosen field.

The I-House Experience continues to instill positive leadership values in promising young people from around the world.