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  • Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Strength Lies in Our Diversity

Our Mission is to enable selected university students, fellows, faculty, and interns from countries around the world and the United States to live and learn together in a challenging and supportive residential community in New York City that builds life-long qualities of leadership, respect, empathy, and moral courage among individuals of all nations and backgrounds.

This independent, non-profit, membership organization achieves its mission by daily interaction among its residents and other members through programs, facilities, and residential life designed to foster diversity of thought and experience, and to prepare our residents as alumni to meet the challenges of an interdependent world.

Our Vision is a world in which I-House Residents and Alumni bring their leadership and cross-cultural understanding with them to their respective fields–which are as diverse as politics, business, education, law, science, journalism, the arts, and more–in all regions of the world.

We believe in leadership that is informed by three core values:

  • Respect: Treating others with dignity, regardless of differences.

  • Empathy: The ability to relate to the perspectives of others.

  • Moral Courage: Standing up for what’s right, even in the face of adversity.