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  • COVID-19 Info

Safety Is Our Priority

International House is deeply committed to ensuring the health and safety of our community. Updates will be posted here as well as the precautionary measures and protocols we are implementing to minimize the risk of exposure among our in-House population of Residents and Staff.


COVID-19 Protocols

International House is following a “isolate in place” COVID-19 Policy for all Resident Members. Please review the important takeaways of this policy:

Inform I-House.

It is strongly encouraged for resident members who test positive to immediately notify the Claremont Desk by calling 212.316.8448. Informing staff enables I-House to track case numbers and provide relevant information and timely updates as needed. The Claremont Desk will provide resident members with the Isolate in Place guidelines.

Isolate in Place.

If a Resident Member tests positive for COVID-19, they are required to isolate in place in accordance with COVID-19 Guidelines.

  • Isolating in place means isolating within the Resident Member’s room in I-House South, within the member’s individual room in a multi-bedroom suite in the North Building, or in the member’s studio or one-bedroom apartment in the North Building.
  • Resident Members in isolation should not leave their space except for essential tasks such as to use the bathroom, obtain medical care, or to obtain food or medicine. Masks are required to be worn during these essential tasks. No exceptions.
  • Resident Members in isolation are not allowed to attend any I-House programs or events.
  • Failure to comply with active COVID-19 policies is a violation of the I-House Code of Conduct and can result in a disciplinary action.

Please contact the Admissions Office team for more information at