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International House Announces 2022 Board of Trustees

New York, NY (July 2022)International House held its annual meeting of the Executive Board of Trustees on June 13, 2022. During this meeting, two new members were elected and 41 incumbent members were re-elected.

International House, or “I-House,” is a nonprofit residency program that serves annually more than 700 graduate students and young professionals from approximately 100 countries, Founded in 1924, I-House was built on the simple yet radical notion that living in a diverse community instills a lifelong dedication to cross-cultural understanding. The Board of Trustees is comprised of distinguished individuals known for their commitment to solving global issues, their philanthropy, and their respective leadership in professions that include finance, diplomacy, business, education, and the arts.

A key criteria for membership in the Board is a shared belief that living in a diverse community instills a lifelong dedication to cross-cultural understanding. Through their guidance and philanthropic support of International House, Trustees help to achieve the long-term goals of the institution and its mission to cultivate individuals with exceptional social and cultural intelligence who can bridge divides in perspective to collaborate effectively.

Joining the Board in 2022 are Dr. Jianyu Zhang, President & CEO of ICBC USA, and Patricia Hamzahee, Principal Consultant of Integriti Capital in the UK.

Prior to joining the Board, Ms. Hamzahee, an alumna of the Class of ‘88, has been serving as President of the alumni association chapter in London, Friends of International House, United Kingdom (FIHUK); and, in this capacity, representing FIHUK on the International House World Council of Alumni.

International House is pleased to announce the members of the 2022 Board of Trustees:


  • Ambassador Frank G. Wisner, Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Peter M. O’Neill,* Chair, Executive Committee
  • John J. Cannon, III, Secretary
  • Tom Hirschfeld, Treasurer


  • Mona Aboelnaga Kanaan, Founder & Managing Partner, K-6 Investments
  • Kathleen Burns, Philanthropist
  • Sharda Cherwoo, Independent Board Member, Retired EY Senior Partner, Digital Transformation Leader
  • Kevin Danehy, CEO of North America, Willow Technologies
  • Andrew H. Darrell, Chief of Strategy, Global Energy & Finance, and NY Regional Director, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
  • Kathleen A. Dill, Senior Vice President & Head of Communications, Advance
  • Paul D. Downs
  • Joan R. Gregory,* Managing Director, Parkview International
  • Barbara G. Heyman
  • Harvey Kipnis
  • John W. Kooyman,* Chief of Staff, Colgate-Palmolive Company
  • Jodi Leblanc, Vice President of Global Sales, The Americas, The Taj Group
  • Bei Ling, Head of Human Resources, Wells Fargo & Company
  • J. Kevin McCarthy, Senior Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Bank of New York Mellon
  • Brian H. Polovoy
  • Adam Quinton, Founder & CEO, Lucas Point Ventures
  • William D. Rueckert, President, Oyster Management Group
  • Leah Rush Cann,* Research Analyst
  • Roy J. Salamé
  • Shubh Saumya,* Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group
  • Lauren C. States, Technology Executive, Independent Director
  • Susan L. Stupin, Co-founder & Managing Director, The Prescott Group
  • Karen E. Sutton, Chief Administrative Officer, Business Process Improvement, Executive Project Management, Sotheby’s
  • Marianne Tesler, Fashion and Art Consultant
  • Ross C. Youngman,* CEO, Ausbil Investment Management
  • Fareed Zakaria, Author, Columnist, & Host, CNN
  • Jianyu Zhang, President & CEO of ICBC USA

International Trustees

  • John F. Crawford – At Large
  • Mark Eyskens* – Belgium
  • Patricia Hamzahee* – United Kingdom
  • Phillip W. Henderson – Hong Kong
  • Nand Khemka* – India
  • Klaus P. Moessle* – Germany
  • John Bing Sing Pek* – At Large
  • Timothy C. Purcell – At Large
  • Bien Kiat Tan* – Singapore
  • Kashif Zafar – United Kingdom
  • Karin Zinkann* – Germany

*International House Alumni

President of International House, Sebastian Fries, said, “We are deeply grateful to our Trustees for their dedication to our mission and work to build an international community of cross-disciplinary professionals committed to solving the big issues facing our world.”


Founded in 1924, International House (I-House) is a non-profit residency program in New York City for graduate students and young professionals from around the world. It promotes cross-cultural exchange annually among 700 graduate students and professional trainees from more than 100 countries. I-House Residents represent a broad diversity of academic interests and backgrounds, and its 65,000 Alumni include Nobel Prize winners, heads of state, award-winning authors, musicians and actors, and global CEOs. Through its programming and opportunities for organic encounters, the I-House Experience, instills in its residents a lifelong dedication to cross-cultural understanding and a commitment to creating a more secure, peaceful, and collaborative existence. The original I-House building at 500 Riverside Drive has been designated a landmark institution.

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