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NYC Alumni Reunite in Central Park

On Sunday, July 11, 2021 an informal reunion in New York’s Central Park brought together about two dozen I-House alumni from different backgrounds and generations. Anita Haravon ’11 (at right) organized the event and selected a shady spot just inside the park’s Sheep Meadow, which was easy to find so that alumni could come and go throughout the afternoon. Haravon, president of the New York Area Alumni Chapter (NYAAC), brought homemade muffins and welcomed each new arrival. Attendees represented the diversity of nationalities, professional disciplines and cultures that have characterized the I-House community throughout its history, and their class years spanned different decades, from Joanne Edgar ’68 to Nazar Kamechenko ’21. The former residents reminisced with one another about their respective time at I-House, and marveled at how they had memories of many of the same traditions. A highlight of the day was the arrival of “Sakura Sweethearts” Mitch Hayes and Helena Dona with their newborn twins. As described here, Hayes, from Australia, and Dona, from Colombia, met at an International House Ice Cream Social. In addition to making new friends and learning about one another, the attendees relished the opportunity for an in-person gathering after so many months during the pandemic.
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