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Sharing the I-House Resident Directories

Starting in 1923, I-House produced an annual directory for residents. Over the decades, these publications took a variety of forms, from helpful guidebooks with information on where to find a decent tailor to yearbook-style collections that showcased the events of the previous academic year to address books that encouraged residents to stay in touch with one another once they left I-House. Whatever form they took, the publications celebrated the life of I-House and helped residents and alumni sustain lifelong friendships and connections.

In the welcome note to the 1944-1945 publication, José A. Valladares ’45 wrote: “This directory is printed not only to provide a reference list of home addresses for the numerous friends we have made here, but with the hope that in the years to come, when we rest in our homes and when we struggle in our work, we may have a little book which will bring back pleasant memories and which will remind us that the ideals of universal brotherhood and international goodwill are no longer theoretical ideals but practical and, indeed, necessary ones which we have experienced ourselves in International House.”

Until recently, these directories have been housed in the I-House Archives and have only been accessible to those who have come to New York to visit. Thanks to the support of alumni and friends, I-House has recently digitized all of the available publications produced between 1923 and 2014. Though multiple physical copies of each volume have been retained in the Archives, missing from the collection are publications from 1924 and 1942-43. Sensitive material has been removed from these public-facing digital versions so that we can share them with you today. Alumni can find their year and search for names on the I-House Resident Directories page. Please enjoy this wonderful glimpse into I-House history!