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The 2019 Program Fellows

Each year, a number of Residents apply for a limited number of Fellowship opportunities to take on critical roles that make International House special for all. As Fellows with the Office of Programs and Resident Life, they are charged with responsibilities related to specific aspects of the I-House Experience, from helping to organize the year’s array of cultural programs and events or otherwise engaging the Residents to give back to the surrounding community and make the most of their time here. Please join us in welcoming this year’s Programs Fellows. They are, from the top, left to right:
  • Xinyue (Vela) Lu, Generalist
  • Franklyn Telles, Cultural Hour/Salon Night
  • Farah Otero Amad, Digital Media
  • Chikezie Omeje, Generalist
  • Jingning (Jenny) Huang, Cultural Hour/Salon Night
  • Gabriella Melaku, Generalist
  • Basbibi Kakar, Generalist
  • Thuy Hang (Hangie) Tran, Language Exchange
  • Pauline Deschryver, Sports & Fitness
  • Tri Le, NYC Performing Arts
  • Piyush Kuthethoor, Generalist
  • Meher Dev, I-House Tutoring Program
  • Helen Fentress, Fall Fiesta/All Nations
  • Anthony Hascheff, Community Engagement
  • Swathi Chandrasekaran, Roundtable
  • Gillian Abbott, Roundtable
Programs Fellowships are among the myriad Fellowship and grant opportunities for Residents that our partners and supporters make possible.  Stay tuned for more announcements!