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Update on Relocated Residents of 2019

Under the direction of International House NY resident social worker and Program Director Lorraine Pirro, I-House Global Health and Wellness Services conducted a quantitative online survey to gather information on the health and wellness of the International House residents who relocated to less dense, safer havens due to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. The outreach was conducted by Daniel Okpare, a Public Health Management Intern at New York University. More than 250 Residents shared with us where they landed and how they were doing. We learned that with the assistance of I-House Staff, Alumni, Trustees, affiliated universities and family and friends, the Residents relocated to less dense, safe havens in 35 countries, and 30 states in the United States. Of those who stayed in the US, 46% remained in New York. Through questions about their respective eating, sleeping and exercise habits, we also learned that these Residents are well overall, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic with characteristic resolve. Residents expressed concern for staff well-being, gratitude for their I-House experience, and a desire to return in brighter days. Top concerns expressed by the Residents centered on “the future” (60%) and “getting a job” (51%). On the latter front, we are encouraging Alumni to continue to help by joining I-House Connect, our customized professional networking platform exclusive to the I-House NYC community, where members can search by geographic region or by professional discipline and connect online. And as the world continues to cope with the challenges and uncertainty of this pandemic, we hope the residents of this historic year will continue to find comfort from the friendships and memories made, and carry the “I-House Light” with them across the globe.