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Update on Search for Next International House President

Dear International House Alumni, As Chair of the Search Committee of the International House Board of Trustees, I wanted to update you on the Committee’s search for the new President of International House. It is important to the Board and the Search Committee that the Alumni of International House are well informed about this process and engaged in it as well. You have a unique understanding of the House and care deeply about it. As a highly accomplished, internationally diverse group, you are also a wonderful network of I-House enthusiasts. Some of you have already shared your perspective on the importance of this search to the future of International House and your thoughts on the qualities the new President should embody as leader of our special community. Others have reached out with ideas and suggestions about potential candidates. The Search Committee itself has meaningful representation from among Board members who are also Alumni. We want you to know that we welcome your continuing input, and we hope with this email to surface additional well-qualified candidates from among our Alumni, and/or who are known to our Alumni. As you may know, the global search firm, Spencer Stuart, was hired this Fall to assist us in the search which is now underway. We began the process by working closely with Spencer Stuart to develop and refine a candidate profile for the new President. Spencer Stuart also undertook a broader outreach to a sampling of the greater I-House community (including Alumni, staff, Board members, and other stakeholders) at the beginning of the process to gain a deeper perspective on the I-House community and the role and responsibilities of the new President. This search is an iterative process in which viable and interested candidates are identified, vetted, and assessed by both Spencer Stuart and ultimately the Search Committee. I have been struck by the impressive experience, qualifications and diversity of the candidates who are being surfaced. We are looking for candidates with a deep range of talents and experience, who bring personal, academic, and professional excellence, an international profile and orientation, fundraising capability, management and operating experience, as well as intangible personal qualities that would make them well suited to advocate our mission, represent the House, and inspire our community. Given our very high bar, the search effort could benefit by being expanded with even more strong candidates. As this is very much an ongoing process, the Search Committee and I wanted to ask all of you to please give thought to suitable candidates who should also be considered. Nominations, and self-nominations, are all welcome and can be sent directly (and confidentially) to Spencer Stuart via their dedicated e-mail address for this search: Spencer Stuart will review all submissions and share them with the Search Committee. They will follow up with those candidates that they determine meet the position requirements. In terms of timing, Spencer Stuart is continuing to expand the candidate pool at the same time as they are engaging in preliminary discussions with some individuals. This process will continue for the next several weeks and will result in a narrowing of the pool to a group of individuals the Search Committee will eventually meet. Our hope is that these “in-person” meetings will be able to take place in early to mid-February. I hope this update provides some food for thought. Please feel free to reach out to me directly as well about the search process and any ideas you may have. I can be reached by email here. Despite the challenging year we have all experienced, we are very excited about the opportunities we see for the growth and renewal of International House as we look forward to welcoming a new President and soon to be celebrating our Centennial. The Search Committee joins me in sending you all best wishes for the holidays and a happy and healthy New Year. All the best, Susan Stupin Chair of the Search Committee, Board of Trustees International House