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Virtual Cooking Masterclass with Joanna C. Lee ’88 and Ken Smith

Residents: Receive a Free Kit of Ingredients if You RSVP by Wednesday, March 31! RSVP here. Alumni and friends, please join us for an interactive cooking masterclass and conversation with I-House Alumna Joanna C. Lee ’88 and her husband Ken Smith. Joanna and Ken will show you to how to make Pan-Fried Chinese Dumplings. The Chinese dumpling (or “jiaozi“) has many cousins around the world, from the Polish pierogi to the Italian ravioli and the Persian manti. Shapes and fillings may change from culture to culture, but the idea of filling dough and serving them either boiled, baked, steamed, or fried has been a near-universal culinary delight. In preparing this Chinese home delicacy, we’ll aim for the “medium” skill level, mixing a vegetarian filling (eggs, tofu, leafy greens), wrapping them and crimping them in dough, preparing them as guotie (translated directly as “pot stickers”), which merges both steaming and frying. While exploring the history of this dish, we’ll also look at the history of Chinese immigration to America and how Chinese-American food evolved with the times. We encourage everyone to join us and cook along and prepare this special Friday night meal! If you would like to cook along with Joanna, Ken and current I-House residents, sign up here to receive the Zoom link and the list of ingredients you will need. I-House is providing current residents with a free kit of ingredients, but you can purchase similar items from your local grocery store.