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I-House Residents Connect at 2020 Welcome Picnic

At the start of each year, International House NY holds an Orientation Night to welcome Residents as they arrive from all over the world to study or train in their respective disciplines. While the pandemic ruled out such an evening for the 2020 cohort, a Welcome Picnic held on Saturday, October 3rd, provided a wonderful opportunity for these new community members to take a break from their studies and meet their fellow Residents from different places. Despite the difference in venue, the number-one question between participants was still, as always, “Where are you from?” Organized by Resident Fellow Franklyn Telles, with the support of the Office of Programs and Resident Life, the event was held outside the Abby O’Neill Patio in Sakura Park, just adjacent to I-House. Residents who had completed the mandatory quarantine period within the House attended, along with a few Staff and Trustees. This event marked the first meeting with 2020 Residents for Interim President Brian Polovoy, who assumed the role on October 1, 2020.  All wore masks and otherwise observed social distancing guidelines implemented by the Offices of Public Safety and Global Health & Wellness Services. Telles, an educator interning with the American Museum of Natural History, handed out name tags for everyone, a wide welcoming smile apparent beneath his mask. “This is why I decided to come live here–the community,” said a Resident from China  studying Business Analytics at Columbia. For many present, the sunny and warm weather, along with the new friendships made that day, were good signs for a meaningful year ahead. (All photos courtesy of Peter O’Neill)