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Highlights from All Nations 2022

On Saturday, April 23, 2022, International House brought back the beloved tradition of All Nations. Typically held at the end of each academic year, All Nations is I-House’s biggest event, bringing together the I-House community to enjoy a night of food, dancing, and cultural booths, produced by resident volunteers in coordination with the Office of Programs & Resident Life. The event was open to alumni as well as current residents, with all attendees required to show proof of vaccination.

After a colorful reception in the Main Lounge featuring exhibits and samples of various national cuisines, the attendees settled in Davis Hall to enjoy a spectacular show of the talent found with the House. Vashawn Arora served as the emcee. The evening’s program opened with a moving rendition of the Ukrainian National Anthem, sung by Kristyna Kustkova with accompaniment by Vashawn Aurora (clarinet), Elina Georgiou (clarinet), and Roi Karni (bass clarinet). Then the audience enjoyed the following performances by residents:

  • Jooeun Kim sang “Like the Wind Which Come Back Meeting Lotus” by Joowon Kim, accompanied by Shaelim Kim on piano
  • Peng Guan, on cello, played “The Swan” by Saint Saens
  • Tianhao Wu, on piano, played Chopin’s “F Minor Fantasie, Op.49”
  • Cory Terrell performed a dramatic monologue from “Fences” by August Wilson and a comedic monologue from Shakespeare’s “Much Ado about Nothing”
  • Yagiz Ay performed the vocals and piano of “Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen ’51
  • Sree Rohith Pulipaka performed the vocals and piano of “Vanajakshiro” by Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar
  • Karen Ng sang “Yau Tsim Mong Girl: by Serrini

The performances ended on a high note with a vibrant Bollywood style dance performed by residents: Lakshmi Bayanagari, Karthikeya Bector, Kyle Coelho, Sumaiya Fathima, Nihar Garg, Shraddha Ghadi, Pragya Gupta, Ananya Jalan, Roshan Mathew, Ashwathy Menon, Arushi Mishra, Saisha Nayak, Shubhangini Patel, Nidhi Rao, Jaidev Shah, Siddharth Singi. After the show, residents stayed to dance in the elegant space of Davis Hall, adorned for the night with a great big disco ball.