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I-House Announces the 2022 Projects for Peace Prize Winners

International House is pleased to announce the ten residents who have received funding through the Projects for Peace program to implement their own grassroots projects this coming summer. Projects for Peace is the vision of the late Kathryn Davis ‘32, an I-House alumna who, on her 100th birthday in 2007, launched this program at over 90 college campuses. Each year, the program awards $1 million to 100 student projects, in the amount of $10,000 each, which is channeled through partner colleges and universities. Due to Davis’s special relationship with I-House, a separate 20 projects are awarded to Residents of International Houses worldwide, with 10 projects specifically earmarked for Residents of International House in New York. These projects aim to positively impact people in specific regions and throughout the globe. Winning proposals demonstrate creativity in designing projects and employing innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on conflict resolution, reconciliation, building understanding to break down barriers that cause conflict, and finding solutions for resolving conflict and maintaining peace. Below are the 2022 grantees, listed with a brief description of their project title and impact location.
  • Millicent Barty, “A Dami Guide to Democracy” (Solomon Islands). Millicent’s project will create a graphic guide and pilot program to equip youth leaders in the Solomon Islands with the knowledge, skills, and tools to bring positive change to their communities.
  • Elina Georgiou, “Bi-Communal Musical Dialogues for Peace in the Only Divided Capitol of the World, Cyprus” (Cyprus). Elina’s project aims to initiate peacebuilding efforts through the use of music between the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities.
  • Peng Guan, “Peace and Myanmar’s Civil War: A Social Media Campaign” (New York City). Targeting legislators, policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders, Peng’s project confronts and engages the power of social media to bring awareness of the role Facebook played in the conflict in Myanmar.
  • Fabio Hanna, “Stop Cyberbullying Now” (Brazil). Fabio will partner with a local NGO to pilot a community-based project that addresses cyberbullying among adolescents in a favela (slum) in Brazil.
  • Yuxi Jocelyn Liu, “Bridging Divides Through Peace Education and Art Integration” (China) Working with a pioneering elementary school in Wuhan, Jocelyn will develop and implement a values-based curriculum that integrates art and conflict resolution skills to empower children to lead peacebuilding efforts in their respective communities.
  • Daniel Mansour, “The Lisbon Project,” (Portugal). Daniel will work with a local NGO in Lisbon to conduct one-on-one training sessions with immigrants who need help building their professional resumes to seek employment in the Portuguese job market.
  • Lineo Matlaka, “Ending Gangsterism in Lesotho” (Lesotho). Lineo’s project centers on offering an immersive camp experience to at-risk boys in Lesotho to provide education and supports aimed to discourage them from joining gangs.
  • Ariel Posner, “Davis to Ukrainian Crisis” (Hungary) Ariel will conduct a multifaceted and comprehensive operation to assist Ukrainian refugees fleeing into Hungary, providing logistical support at the border between the two countries.
  • Kuanyi Shen, “Marry for Love, Not Domestic Violence” (China). Kuanyi will produce a multimedia campaign in Shanghai to raise awareness of domestic violence and reduce the stigma faced by victims so that they can seek help and heal from the psychological trauma.
  • Difan Tiffany Zhao, “Documentary Film – Elderly Chinese Immigrants” (New York City). Tiffany will produce and direct a short documentary film investigating the recent climate of anti-Asian sentiment and violence as experienced  by elderly Chinese immigrants in Flushing, Queens.
Please join us in congratulating these winners, and stay tuned for more.